What is the central issue, theme, topic or focus of the content? What are the lessons learned from previously developed content in the same category? What problems or pitfalls do you hope to avoid?


What is the purpose or objective of the content? What will readers know or be able to do after reviewing the content?


Who is the content for? Who is the typical or most probable reader or user? Do you want the content shared with other parties? If so, with whom? What strategies would enhance the content’s visibility or pass-a-long value?


How does this content represent a contribution to the profession or industry? How does it compare with other content in the same category? What is its significance? What are its hoped-for benefits and advantages?

Philosophy and Attitude:

Should the content meet specific criteria?  How do you want readers to describe the content? Practical? Accessible? Strategic? Unique? Future-oriented?  Useful?

Career Orientation:

Will the content offer recommendations for career success—either how to move into emerging careers or how to maximize position and promotion opportunities?


What’s the scope of the content? What will it cover? What’s the proposed length in terms of word count or a number of double-spaced typed pages?

Time Orientation: 

Will the content provide short-term direction or long-term strategic advice? How far into the future are you willing to travel? 2020? 2024?  Do you expect to do a follow-up piece? If so, when?

Multiple Uses:

How might this content be used with other audiences or within other publications? How could you convert the content into a speech or convention presentation? Could you expand the content into a more extensive white paper or special report?

Features and Success Factors:

What are the unique features of the content? What will make it unique and different from content in the same category?  Quotes or case examples from people in the field? Biographical profiles of executives who illustrate key principles? Interviews with experts? Research findings? Assessment tools? Lists of resources and directories? Charts and graphs?

Style and Language:

What is the preferred tone and style of the article?  Are there guidelines or preferences for word choice, sentence length, and paragraphs structure?

Experts and Sources:

Will a panel of experts provide input into the content?  Will they serve as interview sources? How will sources be selected and approved?

Business Focus:

Will the material tap into information and insight from other industries?  Which industries and business leaders? 

Approval Process/ Timeframes:

What is the approval process?  What is the schedule and timeline for this project?


How will the content be announced? For example, will a press release be developed? Who will assume responsibility for promotion via LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media?


What will the content look and feel like in its final form?   What are the sources of inspiration? 


Joyce Flory Ph.D develops white papers, issue briefs, case studies, articles, brochures, Web sites and presentations via research and interviews. She focuses clients’ attention on the following questions;

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