Christopher Capot

Director, Communications, Elsevier

"I have known Joyce Flory, Ph.D. for more than 10 years, first in my role at KNB Communications, a healthcare PR agency, and most recently in my role as director of communications at Elsevier. Joyce possesses a broad knowledge of the healthcare industry. She’s penned articles, issue briefs, white papers, blogs and presentations on every imaginable healthcare issue—from population health, robotics and clinical decision support, to workforce shortages, infection control, and electronic health records. Her writing is clear, direct, specific and vivid, just what busy healthcare professionals need in these challenging times. Joyce would be a great fit for any organization seeking a strategic thinker who understands the why and how of healthcare thought leadership."

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Shirin Bhan

President, KNB Communications

“I’ve known Joyce Flory, Ph.D. for more than 15 years in my role as president of KNB Communications. I have always been impressed with Joyce’s broad knowledge of the healthcare industry—specifically her understanding of how technology facilitates transformation.  When it comes to crafting business pitches and communications plans, Joyce is genuinely a strategic thinker. She understands how to develop creative and effective messages that meet the business and clinical needs of healthcare organizations. Joyce is also able to see the healthcare industry from 60,000 feet and integrate past, current and upcoming trends and developments.  She’s at ease with all types of healthcare professionals—from front-line managers and medical residents to entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives. People truly enjoy participating in interviews with Joyce and benefit greatly from her questions and insights.”

Courtney McLeod

Manager Public Relations, Teladoc

“I’ve known Joyce Flory, Ph.D. for more than eight years as an executive in a healthcare public relations firm and in my current position with a leading telemedicine company. Joyce is passionate about the healthcare industry and the people within it.  She’s dedicated her professional life to creating communications that improve care delivery and facilitate healthcare innovation.  Joyce is enthusiastic about every assignment she takes on.  She can easily navigate the worlds of providers, payers, patients, government, and suppliers.  She’s highly intelligent and informed, but she’s also friendly, generous and fun. She brings her engaging writing style to many diverse healthcare topics and issues—from patient experience and physician practice management to telehealth and healthcare reform.  Joyce would benefit any healthcare organization seeking a professional who blends strategic thinking with solid communication skills."

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