​​Joyce Flory, Ph.D. has decades of experiences in public relations, marketing and thought leadership with a focus on the healthcare industry.

Her work has been published in numerous publications, including Strategic Healthcare Marketing, Pharmaceutical Executive, Modern Healthcare, Healthcare Human Resources, Healthcare QI Training Report, Internet Healthcare Strategies and Medicine on the Net. She is also the co-author of five books on the Internet, published by McGraw-Hill, and is the founder and first editor of Healthcare Executive, which is still published by the American College of Healthcare Executives.

Joyce has served clients as diverse as the National Managed Healthcare Congress, Cejka & Co., InveniasPartners, Witt-Kieffer, COR Health, Women’s Health America, Health Directions, Servicemaster, American Osteopathic Association, Greenhouse Communications, Public Communications, Inc., the American Hospital Association, the Coker Group, Coprindum, KNB Communications, MedeAnalytics, Elsevier, Carefx and Teladoc. She worked with Chuck Lauer, the publisher of Modern Healthcare, for more than 15 years on backgrounders, research, presentations, and speechwriting.  She continues to work with Fawn Lopez, Modern’s current publisher.

Joyce was the director of public affairs for the American College of Healthcare Executives prior to forming her own consultancy. Previous communications and marketing positions were held at McNeal Health Network and the American Dental Assistants Association. Joyce was a college professor at Indiana University, the University of Minnesota, and Northeastern Illinois University.

Joyce has worked for conference companies and associations, including World Healthcare Congress, Modern Healthcare, Healthcare Information Management Systems Society, National Managed Healthcare Congress, E-Healthcare World Forum for Healthcare Strategists and Health Care Conference Administrators

Joyce Flory, Ph.D.
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